At ROOTS Supply Solution, we understand that selecting the right activated carbon is just the first step towards effective purification. It is equally important to ensure its proper and optimal use in your specific application. That's why we go beyond providing high-quality activated carbon products - we actively support our customers in maximizing their results.


Our team of associated application experts possesses extensive experience in various fields, including water treatment, air filtration, oil & gas, power, food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. They are readily available to assist you in selecting the correct activated carbon products tailored to your application's technical parameters. We understand that each industry and process have unique requirements, and we take pride in offering customized solutions.


Here are some of the key services we provide:

Selection of Suitable Activation Carbon Grades: We help you navigate through the range of activated carbon grades available and identify the most suitable one for your specific application. By considering factors such as pore size, surface area, and impregnation options, we ensure optimal adsorption performance.


Set up and Execution of Pilot Trials: For complex or large-scale applications, we offer support in setting up and executing pilot trials. This allows you to test the performance of our activated carbon in your specific system, ensuring the best possible results before full-scale implementation.


Optimization of PAC Grades and Dosing Level: We assist in fine-tuning the performance of powdered activated carbon (PAC) by optimizing the grade selection and dosing levels. This helps achieve the desired purification efficiency while minimizing costs.


GAC Performance/Cost Optimization: Granular activated carbon (GAC) is a versatile solution, and we help optimize its performance and cost-effectiveness for your application. Through careful analysis and adjustment, we ensure that you achieve the best balance between effectiveness and efficiency.


Analysis of PAC or GAC Samples: Our experts can analyze PAC or GAC samples from your system to assess their performance and provide recommendations for improvement. This service allows us to fine-tune the activated carbon selection and usage for optimal results.


GAC Reactivation Studies: If you are using GAC and looking for sustainable options, we can assist you with GAC reactivation studies. Reactivation can extend the lifespan of spent GAC, reducing the need for frequent replacement and minimizing waste.


We believe that a closer connection with our customers is essential. Our commitment to understanding your needs, actively engaging with your business, and providing timely and cost-effective solutions has established ROOTS Supply Solution as a premier vendor of activated carbon. We strive to anticipate your requirements and deliver exceptional support to help you achieve your purification goals efficiently and effectively.



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