Roots Supply Solution offers a reliable and cost-effective water treatment option with their high-quality Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC). Similar to Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), PAC is derived from premium coal, wood, or coconut shell raw materials. However, PAC is characterized by smaller particle sizes, typically less than U.S standard 80 mesh size, which makes it particularly suitable for water treatment applications.


The advantages of using Roots Supply Solution's PAC are numerous. It is an efficient solution for taste and odor control, as well as the removal of organic compounds from water. PAC proves to be both economically and environmentally beneficial. It reduces operating costs, minimizes waste sludge production, conserves resources, and ultimately ensures superior water quality.


Water treatment plants can employ PAC on a regular basis or seasonally, depending on their specific needs. PAC is highly effective in addressing taste, color, and odor issues, as well as removing organic chemicals from water sources.


Moreover, PAC finds application in air purification systems, where it adsorbs volatile compounds and heavy metals like mercury, improving air quality and safety.


The food and beverage industries heavily rely on Roots Supply Solution's activated carbon products. PAC is particularly well-suited for removing unwanted colors, tastes, and odors from food and beverage products, ensuring a superior sensory experience for consumers. Additionally, PAC plays a vital role in the purification and quality control of various other food and beverage items, safeguarding their integrity and meeting industry standards.


In summary, Roots Supply Solution's Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) offers a reliable and economical solution for water treatment, air purification, and food and beverage applications. With its ability to control taste, odor, and color, as well as effectively remove organic compounds, PAC provides enhanced water quality, improved air purity, and exceptional product integrity.



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