Roots Supply Solution offers a range of impregnated activated carbon products that cater to special applications and targeted treatment goals for specific compounds. Unlike non-impregnated, standard coal or coconut shell-based carbon types, impregnated activated carbon provides enhanced adsorption capacity for challenging contaminants, including polar compounds and inorganic molecules such as hydrogen sulfide. This makes it a suitable choice for both air and water purification applications with unique customer demands.


The production process of impregnated activated carbon involves chemically modifying the active surfaces of the porous particles. This modification can be applied to both granular (GAC) and pelletized carbon types, allowing for versatility in various treatment systems. Through impregnation, the adsorption capacity of target contaminants is significantly improved, enabling the effective removal of otherwise difficult-to-treat substances.


Surface impregnation involves the introduction of fine distributions of chemicals, metals, or metal oxide particles onto the carbon surface. This modification enables impregnated activated carbon to target specific compounds more efficiently. For instance, silver impregnated carbon is effective in water treatment applications, providing antimicrobial effects and making it ideal for treating earth-bound compounds.


In air treatment applications, impregnated activated carbon is commonly used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in biogas plants, pump stations, anaerobic or septic tanks at wastewater treatment plants, and other related systems. Moreover, in industrial exhaust or flue gas applications, activated carbon can be specifically impregnated to target acid gases, ammonia, amines, aldehydes, hydrogen fluoride, mercury, arsine, or phosphine. This ensures efficient and targeted removal of these hazardous substances from the air, promoting cleaner and safer environments.


By offering impregnated activated carbon, Roots Supply Solution provides a reliable solution for customers with specialized purification needs. Whether it's for challenging water treatment processes or demanding air purification systems, impregnated activated carbon offers enhanced performance and tailored treatment for specific compounds, enabling effective and efficient purification in a wide range of applications.



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