ROOTS Activated Carbon takes pride in its strategic tie-ups with major manufacturing units in India, China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, which have established an indelible footprint in the activated carbon manufacturing industry. With a customer-centric approach and a focus on cost-effectiveness, we ensure that all our products are manufactured following strict quality and safety standards. Innovation and sustainability are at the core of our values, driving us to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.


Our top priority is to provide the best possible solution for each specific customer, catering to their unique requirements. Whether it's standard products or tailor-made solutions, we strive to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. We understand the importance of timely delivery and ensure that our customers receive their orders promptly.


Backed by more than two decades of experience in the carbon industry, our manufacturers possess state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge technical expertise, and a wide-ranging product repertoire. They leverage advanced manufacturing processes to produce world-class activated carbon from premium sources such as anthracite, wood, and coconut shells. By partnering with these key manufacturers, our ROOTS SUPPLY SOLUTION absorbs all the advantages of sophisticated technology, leveraging their strategic locations and technological expertise.


Through our strategic tie-ups and robust supply chain, we are able to meet the growing demand for activated carbon across industries. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable, high-quality products that meet their specific needs. Our focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the market, and we continuously strive to exceed expectations.


Choose ROOTS Activated Carbon for superior quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. Experience the difference that our strategic partnerships and advanced manufacturing capabilities can make in your activated carbon requirements.





Dubai,  Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ph: 04 39 33315 , 02 44 77 844




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Leading Supplier of Activated Carbon Products in the Middle East .Available in granular, powder and pellets s....


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